URGENT Prayer Request

We would like to ask you to please pray for a very difficult situation that happened two days ago.  Our mission doctor, Elisabeth, and her husband, Roberto, are in the process of building a house in Bocachica.  Two days ago they were bringing a boat load full of building supplies out to the island.  Roberto, and five other men were in the boat transporting the supplies when a big wave caused by a passing cargo ship caused them to capsize.  We are very thankful to God that Roberto and the other five men are all safe!  However, the boat, the motor, and all the building supplies sunk and were lost.  The last two days several men have been diving, trying to find the boat in hopes of being able to salvage it.  So far they have not been able to find anything.  This is a very difficult situation for Roberto and Elisabeth because not only have they lost all of the building supplies and the money they invested to buy them, but they are also now responsible for the cost of the lost boat and motor that they rented to transport the materials.  This all represents a great deal of money, much more than they have at their disposal.  Tomorrow the men will continue to dive in hopes of finding and rescuing the boat.  PLEASE PRAY WITH US!!   Roberto and Elisabeth need a miracle!!

2 thoughts on “URGENT Prayer Request

  1. Father, I pray that you would enable these men, Roberto and the others, to find this sunken boat. We thank you that no one was hurt or killed in this incident! Please bless them as they search. Lead them where they need to look.


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