Our Week

Here are a few highlights from another great week in Bocachica:


We were so thankful for Yuly and Lira who came out to volunteer for a couple of days at the mission this past week.  Lira is a pharmacologist and Yuly is a pharmacy assistant and the two of them came out to help us get our pharmacy organized according to the health department regulations.  You might notice we have the pharmacy back at the mission again…the reason being that we are doing additional work on the clinic, getting it ready for our visit by the health department which we hope will be happening soon.


One of the perks of our job…getting to love on sweet babies like Angelo who come to see the doctor.


Jorge and Samy meeting with an electrical technician, working on plans to get the clinic hooked up to a new generator.  This is one of the requirements of the Health Department that we are working to comply with in order to get the clinic registered and legalized.


Our Norwegians, Nurse Karoline and Dr. Elisabeth, getting to know one another.


Marley working on the bookkeeping.

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