Cuts, Colds, & Cavities

Each week we have the privilege of helping to provide basic medical and dental care to our beloved Bocachica community.  Some days are super busy and crazy and others are slow and easy.  Currently our small pharmacy is open Monday through Friday, our doctor treats patients Wednesday through Friday, and our dentist treats patients Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  On average, we are able to help about 75 to 100 people each week through our medical ministry.

In our infirmary the most common problems we see are colds, flus and viruses that are going around; skin infections, rashes and funguses; muscular pain; digestive issues, especially parasites and amoebas; respiratory infections; and injuries/accidents such as cuts and burns.

In the dental area, Erika continues to see patients with  typical problems such as cavities and gum disease as well as those who need extractions.  Nevertheless, it is encouraging to see that in recent years there is a much higher awareness and interest on behalf of our patients to come for cleanings and preventative procedures.  Erika shared, “Years ago people would come to get a tooth pulled because they were in pain and then I would never see them again.  Now they come to see if the tooth can be repaired and then they continue to come back for cleanings and follow-up.”

Click on the photos below for more details and to read about two of our volunteers, Katrina and Neysdulia, who are fruits of our Child Sponsorship Program.


Yolanda’s Back!


We are happy to welcome Yolanda back for 3 weeks of service in Bocachica.   This lively Colombiana is full of energy and comes to volunteer at least a couple of times each year.  She is always a great blessing helping with the infirmary, hospitality and teaching craft projects to the ladies in the community.  Yolanda is a friend who has become family.

Our Last Couple of Weeks

In addition to our checking out our last two posts, you can click on the photos below for the latest on what we’ve been up to at the mission over the last couple of weeks:




South Korea to Colombia to Guinea Equatorial

Last week we were blessed by a special visit from a South Korean family (Jun, Esther, & Daniel) who have spent the last year and a half in Colombia learning Spanish and preparing to go to Guinea Equatorial as full-time missionaries.  They visited us in Bocachica and shared about their vision and passion for Guinea Equatorial with the Bocachica churches.  We hope to see them in Guinea Equatorial next year with our DTS outreach team!  The Kim family will be returning to South Korea in a few weeks to make all the final preparations for their departure to Africa next year.

Jun, Esther, Daniel
Jun, Esther, and Daniel
Jun and Pueblo Fuerte leaders.
Jun sharing with church leaders.
Jun sharing at the Foursquare Church.
Daniel and Moises
Daniel and Moises



Maintenance Man SOS!

Needed:                     A couple of Handy Men / Jacks-of-all-Trades

When:                        ASAP!

How Long:                3-6 months

What:                         Currently we are experiencing a lot of deterioration of our mission facilities and have a great need for someone to come and help us get caught up on some important maintenance projects.  We have lots of exciting projects waiting just for you:  rotting stairs, twisted and broken gutters, deteriorating walls, leaky ceilings, dirty and torn window screens, bat and dove infested roofs, and more!!  At present Jorge is the only man on staff and with all of the other responsibilities he has directing the mission it is impossible for him to cover all the needs.  We need someone who knows how to do all different types of odd jobs, including simple welding, plumbing, painting, basic electricity, and cement/brick laying if possible.

Profile:                       We need someone who has a lot of self-initiative and is patient, resourceful and flexible because often we aren’t able to find all of the same materials and tools that you are used to using; we have a lot to accomplish with a limited budget; and, you will be dealing with a different language and culture which can be challenging and cause delays.

Cost:                           All of us here at the mission are volunteers and we all pay a monthly fee to contribute towards covering our own food and housing expenses. The cost is $300 usd per month which covers housing and 3 meals a day at the mission.  You would also be responsible for any additional personal expenses such as personal transportation, fun, snacks, communication, toiletries, laundry, etc…

Project Fund:            If you are able to help us raise finances especially for our maintenance fund, that would be awesome and super helpful so that we can keep you busy the whole time you are here!

Bring:                         You would need to bring mostly work clothes/shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty, clothes/sandals for the beach and a couple of casual dress outfits for church and such. It is hot and humid here so be prepared to sweat!  We will provide bedding and towels.   Let us know and we can send you a more detailed list of packing suggestions.

Contact:                     Click here to email us if you are interested and available to come!