South Korea to Colombia to Guinea Equatorial

Last week we were blessed by a special visit from a South Korean family (Jun, Esther, & Daniel) who have spent the last year and a half in Colombia learning Spanish and preparing to go to Guinea Equatorial as full-time missionaries.  They visited us in Bocachica and shared about their vision and passion for Guinea Equatorial with the Bocachica churches.  We hope to see them in Guinea Equatorial next year with our DTS outreach team!  The Kim family will be returning to South Korea in a few weeks to make all the final preparations for their departure to Africa next year.

Jun, Esther, Daniel

Jun, Esther, and Daniel

Jun and Pueblo Fuerte leaders.

Jun sharing with church leaders.


Jun sharing at the Foursquare Church.

Daniel and Moises

Daniel and Moises



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