Cuts, Colds, & Cavities

Each week we have the privilege of helping to provide basic medical and dental care to our beloved Bocachica community.  Some days are super busy and crazy and others are slow and easy.  Currently our small pharmacy is open Monday through Friday, our doctor treats patients Wednesday through Friday, and our dentist treats patients Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  On average, we are able to help about 75 to 100 people each week through our medical ministry.

In our infirmary the most common problems we see are colds, flus and viruses that are going around; skin infections, rashes and funguses; muscular pain; digestive issues, especially parasites and amoebas; respiratory infections; and injuries/accidents such as cuts and burns.

In the dental area, Erika continues to see patients with  typical problems such as cavities and gum disease as well as those who need extractions.  Nevertheless, it is encouraging to see that in recent years there is a much higher awareness and interest on behalf of our patients to come for cleanings and preventative procedures.  Erika shared, «Years ago people would come to get a tooth pulled because they were in pain and then I would never see them again.  Now they come to see if the tooth can be repaired and then they continue to come back for cleanings and follow-up.»

Click on the photos below for more details and to read about two of our volunteers, Katrina and Neysdulia, who are fruits of our Child Sponsorship Program.


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