Some Final Touches

Jorge has been working hard on some final details, getting the clinic ready for inspection by the Health Department.  It has been challenging because he has had to do most of the work by himself.  He hired some help for a couple of projects and over the last couple of weeks he had some boys who volunteered to help him for a few of the days.  We still have a few things to complete like the installation of our new dental unit (which should arrive any day now) and building protective railings for our main entrance stairs and ramp.   Here’s a peek at some of the work completed over the last couple of weeks.

Jorge with his godson, Isaac, working on painting the entrance floor with epoxy paint:


According to regulations from the Health Department we had to build a wall to separate the laboratory and the blood draw station from the main hallway:

Another regulation is to have a generator installed for back-up when the electricity goes out…which is a common occurrence in Bocachica:

Our new waiting room chairs (Yay!):


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