New Transformer for Clinic!

The team in Bocachica has been working so hard to get everything lined up for our upcoming inspection by the Health Department!  This has required many hours of research, paperwork, creating manuals, personnel files, signing contracts and more!

One of our most recent victories was the installation of a new transformer which will be able to handle the electric load that the clinic will produce.  Perhaps where you are from all you have to do in a case like ours is to turn in a request to the local electric company and they take care of the rest.  Here we have to hire the electrician, purchase the transformer and all the supplies needed for the installation, get everything officially approved, arrange and hire a barge to carry everything out to the island, arrange, hire, and transport the forklift, hire the workers, provide meals and so goes the list.  But THANK THE LORD, we were finally able to see this looming task accomplished!  We thank the Lord for His provision of finances, contacts, strength and grace to see it through!

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