Today is the Day!

Well, folks, as I type the Health Department officials are visiting our site in Bocachica.  The news so far is that things are going well and they are giving suggestions.  When we hear more we will give you the update.

In the meantime thank you for remembering our team in prayer.  Here is a breakdown of what everyone is in charge of presenting to the officials today so you can pray for them by name:

Admistrative Area:  Esther (Doctor & Clinic Director)
Medical Area:  Elisabeth (Doctor)
Sharing the vision and history of the ministry:  Erika.(Dentist and Mission Director)
Pharmacy Area: Maira
Architectual Design & Construction: Astrid.
Security: Samy
Hospitality: Ricarda & Marley
Also, I have some photos of the inspection in progress, hot off the press, just sent from Bocachica:

2 thoughts on “Today is the Day!

  1. I have been praying for all of you and lifting this clinic up into God’s hands. You probably do not remember me but I came with Pastor Ben in February with a team from Hope Lutheran Church…My daughter, Katie, came as well. We speak of our time in Bocachica often and are remembering you and Bocachica in our prayers.


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