Introducing Our Clinic Staff


Lto R:  Erika, Luz Neira, Zuly, Clara Ines, Katrina, Marlaine, Esther

We are so blessed and thankful to have a great pioneering team to operate the clinic on a day-to-day basis.

Erika is our dentist and she treats patients Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  In addition, Erika has been a part of Proyecto Libertad’s team for the last 14 years and has served as the mission director in Bocachica since 2008.

Luz Neira is a Bocachica native and a long time friend of our Proyecto Libertad family. She is in charge of cleaning and disinfecting all areas of the clinic as well as properly disposing of clinic waste materials according to the governmental requirements.

Zuly, from Bocachica, is our pharmacy assistant who mans the clinic pharmacy from Monday through Friday.

Clara Ines, also from Bocachica, was enrolled in Proyecto Libertad’s child sponsorship program.  After graduating from high school she studied and trained to be a nursing assistant and we are thrilled to have her on our team!

Katrina, from Bocachica and a child sponsorship graduate, is the dental hygienist who assists Erika with all of her patients on Wednesdays and Thursdays.  Katrina has been assisting Erika as a volunteer at the mission for the last couple of years, even before the clinic was opened.  In addition to dentistry, Katrina also helps with clinic administrative duties.  

Marlaine, another Bocachica native and child sponsorship graduate, is our clinic receptionist.  Marlaine’s childhood home is next door to the mission so our families have been neighbors for the last 19 years!  It was always a dream of ours to be able to see graduates of our child sponsorship program working at the clinic some day, so it is very special for us to have Clara Ines, Katrina, and Marlaine working with us!

Esther is our medical doctor and clinic administrator.  She has played a vital role in getting the clinic legally registered, approved and opened.  Esther has invested untold hours and many late nights in order to help make the clinic’s opening and operation a reality!

Unfortunately a couple of people were missing the day this photo was taken.  Not pictured above but also very much part of the team are:

Elisabeth , who is currently visiting family, friends and supporters in her homeland of Norway.  She is a general practitioner and treats patients Wednesdays through Fridays. God sent Elisabeth to us at a time when we really needed someone to help hold up our arms (Ex. 17:12)!  In addition to treating patients over the last two years, she also played a big role in helping with all of the official paperwork (manuals, procedures, contracts, etc…) in preparation for the clinic’s registration with the Health Department.

Maira, from Cartagena, is our pharmacist.  She comes out to the island once every other week to oversee and supervise the pharmacy operations. 

Note: Erika, Esther, and Elisabeth are full-time missionaries with Youth With A Mission (YWAM).


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