El Legado Heredado.

El Legado Heredado.
Muestra el corazón de Arnold, un jóven nativo de Bocachica que aprendió el significado de vivir con integridad y valores en medio de una cultura despreocupada y de una forma ligera de llevar la vida.
El ejemplo que aprendió de un gran hombre y que ahora profesa con sus más de 300 infantes de la comunidad es el legado heredado que sigue dando vida y sueños en Bocachica.Continue reading El Legado Heredado.

Siguiéndo sus pasos

¿Tengo talentos? Tal parece que sí.Tal vez no quería usarlo porque muchos en mi familia lo hacen o estaba en negación pero me atreví a usarlo, a hacer con amor lo que mamá un día me enseñó porque… ¿cuántas veces lo hizo conmigo?, ¿cuántas veces la ví hacerlo con otros niños?. Exáctamente eso hice, enseñé!,Continue reading Siguiéndo sus pasos


With the current crisis that we are going through, we know that God mobilizes people to help those most in need, if you want to be part of what we are doing in Bocachica, here we tell you how you can be part. Write us for more information.  

Silva’s Final Update

NOTE:  We apologize for not updating our blog throughout the transition process we have walked through during 2018 but we would like to copy our recent email update that explains a little bit about the last few months. We have officially turned over the reins of Proyecto Libertad to the local YWAM Cartagena base.  FromContinue reading Silva’s Final Update

January Goodbyes

This month we have had to say some sad goodbyes!  Both of our doctores, Esther and Elisabeth are moving on to new ventures.  Their absence will be sorely felt and we will miss them very much!!  Elisabeth and her family arrived safely yesterday to their home in Norway and Esther will be departing for herContinue reading January Goodbyes

Opportunities to Serve!

Do you want to serve God by serving the poor?  Here’s where the rubber meets the road!   Our mission plan for 2018 is to focus on hosting medical outreaches.  However, we need more BEHIND-THE-SCENES MISSION STAFF to make it possible!! URGENT STAFF NEEDS: HOSPITALITY: Involves hosting, cleaning toilets, dusting furniture, making beds, making welcome cards, preparingContinue reading Opportunities to Serve!

First Visitor of 2018

Today we welcomed our first visitor of the year!  Johan, from Varsovia, Sucre, a town about 2 1/2 hours from Cartagena, has joined us for a couple of weeks to help us get ready for this new year.  Johan has felt the Lord calling him into full-time missions for several years now and after he fulfillsContinue reading First Visitor of 2018


We had a simple but special dinner to celebrate Christmas and the end of the year with our Mission and Clinic staff.  Everyone took turns standing up and sharing a personal word about their year.  We were blessed to hear how after some very difficult circumstances (deaths of close family members, financial burdens, etc…) eachContinue reading Navidad

Family Additions

Back in April our mission kitty, Leo, died.  Not too long after, this little lady showed up one day in the middle of a rainstorm.  We took her in and named her MISI.  We were waiting for her to get old enough to be spayed but one of her admirers beat us to it!  AContinue reading Family Additions