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Maintenance Man SOS!

Needed:                     A couple of Handy Men / Jacks-of-all-Trades

When:                        ASAP!

How Long:                3-6 months

What:                         Currently we are experiencing a lot of deterioration of our mission facilities and have a great need for someone to come and help us get caught up on some important maintenance projects.  We have lots of exciting projects waiting just for you:  rotting stairs, twisted and broken gutters, deteriorating walls, leaky ceilings, dirty and torn window screens, bat and dove infested roofs, and more!!  At present Jorge is the only man on staff and with all of the other responsibilities he has directing the mission it is impossible for him to cover all the needs.  We need someone who knows how to do all different types of odd jobs, including simple welding, plumbing, painting, basic electricity, and cement/brick laying if possible.

Profile:                       We need someone who has a lot of self-initiative and is patient, resourceful and flexible because often we aren’t able to find all of the same materials and tools that you are used to using; we have a lot to accomplish with a limited budget; and, you will be dealing with a different language and culture which can be challenging and cause delays.

Cost:                           All of us here at the mission are volunteers and we all pay a monthly fee to contribute towards covering our own food and housing expenses. The cost is $300 usd per month which covers housing and 3 meals a day at the mission.  You would also be responsible for any additional personal expenses such as personal transportation, fun, snacks, communication, toiletries, laundry, etc…

Project Fund:            If you are able to help us raise finances especially for our maintenance fund, that would be awesome and super helpful so that we can keep you busy the whole time you are here!

Bring:                         You would need to bring mostly work clothes/shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty, clothes/sandals for the beach and a couple of casual dress outfits for church and such. It is hot and humid here so be prepared to sweat!  We will provide bedding and towels.   Let us know and we can send you a more detailed list of packing suggestions.

Contact:                     Click here to email us if you are interested and available to come!


Our Week

Here are a few highlights from another great week in Bocachica:


We were so thankful for Yuly and Lira who came out to volunteer for a couple of days at the mission this past week.  Lira is a pharmacologist and Yuly is a pharmacy assistant and the two of them came out to help us get our pharmacy organized according to the health department regulations.  You might notice we have the pharmacy back at the mission again…the reason being that we are doing additional work on the clinic, getting it ready for our visit by the health department which we hope will be happening soon.


One of the perks of our job…getting to love on sweet babies like Angelo who come to see the doctor.


Jorge and Samy meeting with an electrical technician, working on plans to get the clinic hooked up to a new generator.  This is one of the requirements of the Health Department that we are working to comply with in order to get the clinic registered and legalized.


Our Norwegians, Nurse Karoline and Dr. Elisabeth, getting to know one another.


Marley working on the bookkeeping.

On Duty at the Clinic

It is so exciting to see the Lord using the clinic to bless the community of Bocachica.  This past week was very busy, especially since there are a lot of colds and flu going around.  Currently we are attending to patients three days a week but our desire and goal is to eventually have medical care available 24/7.  We are praying earnestly for full-time medical professionals to join our staff!  In addition to another doctor, we need a nurse, a bacteriologist, a pharmacist, and a physical therapist.


Boat & Motor Salvaged!

Thank you so much to everyone who joined us through prayer and encouragement as Roberto and Elisabeth awaited the news of the sunken boat and motor.  We are happy to report that both the motor and the boat have been rescued and will be able to be salvaged.  All we can say is THANK YOU, JESUS!!!  Here is a note from Elisabeth:

“Grateful for good results and relieved that 6 days with a little too much drama will soon be over. The boat was finally hoisted up today from 65 1/2 feet deep and dragged to shore. There was some damage, but everything seems to be repairable.  Expenses in excess of $2,500 usd.  It is a lot of money, but not compared to the costs of buying a new boat and motor. We give all the glory to God.  We feel like we have been given a gift of new life.  Thanks so much for all who have stood with us these days !!!” 

Update: Still Searching!

Roberto buseando

The name of the boat being used for the search:  IN JESUS I TRUST

We got a report from Roberto and Elisabeth today…

Roberto shared that the boat they were in had bags of cement, iron re-bar, and about 8 tons of sand, all of which was going to be used for the construction of their house.  He said that after the boat was sucked under by the current of the ship he was under water for about 2 minutes fighting against a whirlpool and strong pressure in his ears.  Feeling desperate he just started to pray.  He said:

I could see a bright light and I sincerely thought it was Jesus waiting for me and He gave me a special strength to try to swim or run towards Him and then when I was almost there, I realized that it was the surface of the water.  All of the other five survivors were looking for me. I was the last to come up out of the water.  Thank God we are all alive and can give a true testimony of how He takes care of His children.  We still have not found the boat.  We have spent four days so far and tomorrow we will go out once again.  Please continue praying that we can rescue the boat and the motor, which are the most expensive things that were lost.” 

Psalms 18: 6
In my distress I called upon the Lord;
    to my God I cried for help.
From his temple he heard my voice,
    and my cry to him reached his ears.

URGENT Prayer Request

We would like to ask you to please pray for a very difficult situation that happened two days ago.  Our mission doctor, Elisabeth, and her husband, Roberto, are in the process of building a house in Bocachica.  Two days ago they were bringing a boat load full of building supplies out to the island.  Roberto, and five other men were in the boat transporting the supplies when a big wave caused by a passing cargo ship caused them to capsize.  We are very thankful to God that Roberto and the other five men are all safe!  However, the boat, the motor, and all the building supplies sunk and were lost.  The last two days several men have been diving, trying to find the boat in hopes of being able to salvage it.  So far they have not been able to find anything.  This is a very difficult situation for Roberto and Elisabeth because not only have they lost all of the building supplies and the money they invested to buy them, but they are also now responsible for the cost of the lost boat and motor that they rented to transport the materials.  This all represents a great deal of money, much more than they have at their disposal.  Tomorrow the men will continue to dive in hopes of finding and rescuing the boat.  PLEASE PRAY WITH US!!   Roberto and Elisabeth need a miracle!!

Farewell to Blanca Rosa

Blanca Rosa Salcedo, from Sincelejo, Sucre (Colombia), joined our team in the summer of 2002 and served for a total of 5 1/2 years in Bocachica. Later, Blanca worked with YWAM in Costa Rica and South Africa before returning to work with Proyecto Libertad for a second term in March 2012.  Over her 9 years with the ministry, Blanca served in many areas including evangelism & discipleship, leading our weekly cell group meetings and Bible courses, directing our Mini-DTS, supervising our Child Sponsorship Program as well as serving on our Leadership Council. As Blanca has invested these years, using her God-given gifts for teaching and mentoring, her impact on the community has been a valuable asset for Proyecto Libertad and the community of Bocachica.

As Blanca leaves us, she will be continuing her service with YWAM in Cartagena as she steps out in faith to pioneer a new ministry focused on the prevention and intervention of human trafficking.

Blanca is part of our family and while we are sad to see her go and will miss her so much, we are also proud of her for stepping out into this new journey of faith.