Ophtamology Brigade

In partnership with the Ophtamology Clinic of Cartagnea and the Optometry & Ophthamology departments of the Sinu University, we were able to host our first Ophthalmology outreach in Bocachica this weekend! Click here to see our complete photo album.

Summer Teams

We are a little behind on reporting but this past summer in the midst of getting the clinic up and running, we were also blessed by three teams that came to work with Proyecto Libertad and the community of Bocachica.  We love having the opportunity to bless the community by facilitating and funneling this outside helpContinue reading Summer Teams

Clinic is Open!

We are humbled, excited, and thankful to announce that on July 20th the clinic officially and legally opened it’s doors to serve the community of Bocachica.  July 20th, 2016 will be a day that goes down in history for all of us here at Proyecto Libertad. We are so encouraged to share the news and toContinue reading Clinic is Open!

A Lot Of Catching Up To Do

We’ve gone a few months since our last update so in order to catch everyone up with the latest, here is a month-by-month overview of what has been going on with us ever since: NOVEMBER: In late November, ministry directors, Jorge and Karen, headed back to the USA for some medical check-ups. Unfortunately what wasContinue reading A Lot Of Catching Up To Do

McGill University

We thoroughly enjoyed spending the last two weeks with a team from McGill University.  These students are a part of McGill’s World Vision chapter in Montreal, Canada. They organized a soccer tournament for the kids in Bocachica and each afternoon the “cancha” was bustling with activity. The team visited with many families in the community, researching ways thatContinue reading McGill University

Mini-Medical Brigade

Yesterday we said goodbye to another group from a Korean church group visiting from the United States.  They came to us through one of our partner ministries from YWAM Cartagena called ESUNIC.  We had a lot of action going on in Bocachica over the last couple of days involving children’s ministry, a medical brigade, and aContinue reading Mini-Medical Brigade