Last week we traveled together to the department (state) of Boyaca to attend our Regional YWAM Conference.  Our keynote speaker was John Dawson, one of YWAM's pioneering fathers.  It was such a blessing to get to know him a little better and be inspired by his stories and teachings!  After the conference was over, we … Sigue leyendo Boyaca

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YWAM Founder featured in Charisma magazine

LOREN CUNNINGHAM: YWAM Founder Still Mobilizing God's Army 8:50AM EDT 8/12/2015 Diana Scimone Loren Cunningham graphic (Charisma staff) Imagine being a young believer, asking God to direct you—and suddenly He shows you a world map that is moving before your very eyes. Waves crash over each country and eventually take over entire continents. For 20-year-old … Sigue leyendo YWAM Founder featured in Charisma magazine