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Bocachica is a developing island community located about 25 minutes off the coast of Cartagena by speed boat.  It is home to the San Fernando fort, built by Spanish settlers in the late 1700’s as part of a military complex they constructed to protect the city of Cartagena from the French, British, and American colonists.  The island natives were Carex Indians but today the island is home to the descendents of African slaves, which gives the island it’s rich Afro-Caribbean culture and heritage.

On the island there is neither running water nor a plumbing system.   Water is shipped by barges from the mainland and distributed to large cisterns in the community where locals then go to purchase their water in small tanks.  The island has only had electricity since 1998.

Most «Bocachiqueños» struggle to make ends meet by fishing, making & selling local handmade crafts and other tourism related jobs.  There are an estimated 12,000 residents and approximately 50% of the population are children.



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