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Proyecto Libertad  currently has 5 staff members coming from Colombia, Mexico, Norway, & U.S.A.

We live community style at the mission, eating our meals together and sharing common living space such as living room, kitchen and bathrooms.  Most long term staff members share a room with one other person and our visiting teams sleep in dorms with bunk-beds.  We do have electricity although power outages are not uncommon.  There is no running water or city plumbing on the island so we take showers «bucket style» and flush our toilets with sea water from the bay.  We do have internet service although it can be pretty slow at times.  There are small stores on the island where you can buy the basics but we usually do our grocery shopping once every two weeks in the city and bring it out by boat.  It is a blessing to live in the midst of the community where we serve!

almuerzo mesas

Lunch with friends from the community.


A typical lunch.

peeling tamarindo

Peeling tamarindo from our trees to make juice.


Office work.

lola tanque

Cleaning out the water tank.

jump rope

Norwegian DTS students play jump rope with the locals.



Pibe was born at the mission in 2007.

Misi y Pibe

Nap time for brother and sister.


Misi wandered up to the clinic one day during a rainstorm and found a new home.

bugi SyM

Samy and little Moises collect sea water to use for flushing our toilets.


Muffin anyone?

Fun day at the Hilton Hotel!

La Mision QT

Early morning quiet times.

Phase 10

Phase 10! Hanging out after work hours.

Our wonderful friends and cooks, Yolaida and Loida, making a favorite dish: empanadas.

Washing clothes by hand.

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